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Doug Tisdale

Vote your mail-in ballot


Doug Tisdale

for City Council

Cherry Hills Village

“Your Voice at Village Hall!”

Doug Tisdale will listen to you,

then Doug Tisdale will speak out for you!

Doug, What Do You Value Most About Cherry Hills?

“Its people! Cherry Hills is a unique collection of talented, educated and dedicated leaders. Villagers are more giving of time and resources than in any other community. Our treasure is ourselves!”

Doug, What Do You Pledge for Cherry Hills?

“…to listen to our neighbors and to our neighborhood associations!” “…maintain and improve the quality of life in Cherry Hills Village.” “…use common sense in processing building variances.” “…foster cooperation, not litigation.”

Doug, What Issues Will You Address As A Councilman?

“…to come up with sensible traffic solutions for all Village roads, and to ‘get to Yes!’ with C-DOT on controlling traffic on University!”

“…dramatically enhance cell phone service in the Village through state-of-the-art system improvements.”

“…secure reliable broadband Internet connections now.”

“…a credible, fair and consistent land use process to regulate development.”

“…to be proactive in making our trail system user friendly for Villagers.”

  • Cherry Hills Village Resident for 12 years; Colorado resident for 25 years
  • Married for 27 years; Father of four children
  • Practicing Attorney for 25 years, University of Michigan Law School grad
  • Vail Valley Medical Center Board of Governors since 1990
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Cherry Hills Farm Homeowners Association
  • Member, St. Clare of Assisi Parish, Beaver Creek
  • Charity Auctioneer: United Cerebral Palsy Ass’n, Cystic Fibrosis Fndn., Make-A-Wish Fndn.

“Tisdale for Cherry Hills” — E. Jerry James, Committee Treasurer Doug will respond to ALL e-mail questions sent by voters to: Remember, the election closes on Tuesday, April 4th!

Village Election

Doug is running from District 1. In Cherry Hills, Councilpersons are elected from each district, but they run “at large.” This means that everybody in the City gets to vote on each of the council positions that are up for election. In this manner, the Village guarantees geographical representation while giving universal suffrage.
Doug Tisdale

Doug Tisdale

for City Council

Cherry Hills Village

Doug and Pat Tisdale
  • Resident of Cherry Hills Farm for 12 years
  • Married to Pat Tisdale for over 27 years
  • Father of four children –
  • Doug Jr., Policy Analyst, The Dutko Group
  • Sara, 1st Year Med Student, Creighton University Medical School
  • Maggie, Senior, St. Mary’s Academy High School
  • Picture Mr. & Mrs. Tisdale
  • Vicki, 8th Grader, St. Mary’s Academy Middle School
  • Partner, Baker & Hostetler LLP, Attorneys and Counselors
  • Former Partner, Brownstein Hyatt & Farber (16 years)
  • Vail Valley Medical Center Board of Governors (10 years)
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Cherry Hills Farm Homeowners Association
  • President, The Woods Townhomes (Vail Valley) Owners Association
  • Co-Developer: The Homestead, Edwards, Colorado
  • The Inn at Beaver Creek
  • The Beaver Creek Lodge
  • Strawberry Park Condominiums, Beaver Creek
  • The Elk Track Townhomes, Beaver Creek
  • Lector & Legal Counsel, St. Clare of Assisi Church, Beaver Creek
  • Patron Sponsor, World Alpine Ski Championships, 1989 and 1999
  • Graduate of The University of Michigan Law School
  • Charity Auctioneer: United Cerebral Palsy Ass’n, Wine in the Pines,
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, St. Mary’s Academy, Canine
  • Companions for Independence, Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Colorado resident for 25 years

Doug Tisdale will listen to you. Doug Tisdale will work for you. Doug Tisdale will work with you. Mail in your vote for Tisdale by 4 / 4.

Tisdale for Cherry Hills Committee — E. Jerry James, Treasurer

How Can I Help?

One way you can help is to send a contribution of not more than $100 per family member to: Tisdale for Cherry Hills, E. Jerry James Committee Treasurer 4732 South Elizabeth Ct. Cherry Hills Village, CO 80110
Pat and Doug Tisdale, with their daughter Sara, meet with a friend in Vail.

Pat and Doug Tisdale, with their daughter Sara, meet with a friend in Vail.

Coffee Break?

Share a little time, have a little coffee and show your support for Doug’s candidacy by opening your home for a neighborhood meeting. The idea is to give Doug and the registered voters of Cherry Hills Village the chance to meet each other in a relaxed and informal setting. It is an opportunity for Doug to listen to voters directly, to learn first-hand what the issues are that concern Villagers. And, it is a way to learn more about Doug and his goals for the City Council..

Some questions for Doug

“What are your reasons for seeking office?” I want to serve. I want to engage in the continuing process of improving the quality of life in the Village. I want to contribute my time, skills and experience to help people enjoy and fulfill their lives. And I want to inspire my children to invest their energy in public service … to work for others, to work with others. “What do you value most about Cherry Hills Village?” Its people. Cherry Hills is a unique collection of talented, educated and dedicated leaders in Colorado. Wherever they are, Villagers are decision-makers, policy-makers, people who make a difference … and who contribute of themselves. We cherish the great tradition of charitable leadership and support demonstrated by the people of Cherry Hills. Villagers, more than in any other community in Colorado, are supportive of the needs of a civilized society, giving of their time and their resources to the infirm, the aged, the disadvantaged and those stricken with disease. It is an asset not to be dismissed or underappreciated. Our treasure is ourselves. “What is your view of the issues facing the Village over the next four years?” Our Homes: To establish cogent, clear and consistent standards to guide the boom in remodeling. New Development: To assist developers of new properties in enhancing the quality of life in the Village by building attractive additions to the Village that exhibit an appropriate sensitivity to their surroundings and neighbors. Cooperation: To incentivize cooperation among the Council, Village Staff and citizens–individually and through neighborhood associations–so that litigation never becomes the “only way left” for people to achieve legitimate goals. Technology: To be proactive in securing reliable and effective cell phone service throughout the Village by the use of state-of-the-art aesthetic “hidden” placements, and to establish broadband Internet connectivity at the earliest practical moment. Infrastructure: To facilitate, in cooperation with neighborhood associations, upgrading presently inadequate or non-inclusive infrastructure, whether unburied utilities or trails not accessible or friendly to all variety of uses by Villagers. “How can you contribute to the future of the Village?” Twenty-five years of advancing the cause of citizens interacting with federal, state, county and municipal government has helped me to understand both the needs of citizens and the rights and responsibilities of government. I have spent my life, from grade school on, participating on boards and in representative bodies in such a way as to represent well the constituencies I serve and to achieve consensus within the group whenever reasonably possible. Serving a decade on a hospital board has given me skills to work cooperatively and effectively with strongly opinionated professionals in an environment not always free from conflict. “What else would you like voters to know?” I first came to appreciate Cherry Hills Village in 1956 when I stayed with family friends who lived in Vista Road. At the ripe age of seven I determined that I would come back to live here with my family. Thirty-two years later I achieved my dream. Our four children have grown up here, maturing into contributing members of society, with advantages unknown to me as a youth. I will work to maintain this as a society and a Village where children can be raised and live in a secure and protected environment, learning how to become leaders and role models for others.

— Douglas M. Tisdale

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