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Village Crier Biography

Candidate Information for the Village Crier

Name: Doug Tisdale

Address: 4662 South Elizabeth Court

Phone: 303.589.0758 (cell);
303.789.0758 (land)

E-mail: (Campaign); (Mayoral)

-- Son Doug “TheDoug” Tisdale, Jr. (Supervisor at Talking Books Publishers Inc, Denver);
-- Daughter Sara E. Tisdale, M.D. (Head of Pediatrics at Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs);
-- Daughter Maggie Tisdale Schettler (Actor and Mother in Seattle, Washington);
-- Daughter Victoria C. Tisdale (Business Development Manager at BDO USA, LLP in San Francisco);
-- Grandsons Dashiell Walker Schettler and Huxley Michael Schettler in Seattle, and Ian Douglas Tisdale in Colorado Springs;
-- Spouse Patricia C. Tisdale, Esq. (deceased, 2004)

Number of years resident of Colorado: 39 years

Number of years resident of CHV: 26 years
Recreational Interests: Skiing; Reading; Travel; Writing; Acting; Charity Auctioneering

Education: The University of Michigan Law School, Juris Doctor; The University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts (Honors in Psychology)

Occupation: Mayor of the City of Chery Hills Village; Attorney and Counselor at Law

Contributions to CHV to date:
-- Mayor of Cherry Hills Village (April 2012 to date);
-- Councilmember (2000 to 2008);
-- Mayor Pro Tem (2006 to 2008);
-- negotiated the donation of the Alan Hutto Memorial Commons open space to the Village;
-- created KCHV-TV (Comcast Cable channel 22) as a vibrant means of communicating, informing and entertaining Villagers;
-- promoted our six small businesses as desirable places for Villagers to gather and spend money, thus increasing our limited sales tax base;
-- crafted a new Urban Wildlife Management/Fox Re-introduction Program in the Village with Council’s unanimous approval;
-- issued numerous Mayoral Proclamations to persons and institutions that have contributed to and improved the quality of life in the Village;
-- appeared numerous times on Comcast Newsmakers to promote the interests of, and the quality of life in, Cherry Hills Village;
-- served as the elected ambassador of Cherry Hills Village to governments and organizations throughout Colorado and beyond.

Previous Civic and Community Service:
-- Executive Officer, Denver Regional Council of Governments;
-- Executive Committee, Denver Metro Mayors Caucus;
-- Policy Committee Chair, Colorado Municipal League;
-- First Tier Suburbs Councilmember, National League of Cities;
-- Founder, South Metro Mayors Munch;
-- Denver Regional Representative, Sister Cities International;
-- Chairman of the Board, Colorado Neurological Institute;
-- Treasurer and Board Member, Vail Valley Medical Center;
-- Chairman of the Board, Eagle Health Care Center;
-- Board Member, Cerebral Palsy of Colorado Legacy Foundation;
-- Chairman of the Board, State of Colorado Board of Registered Psychotherapists;
-- volunteer emcee and auctioneer for numerous nonprofits throughout Colorado.

What do you value most about Cherry Hills Village:
-- Its people. Five months after I was elected to my first term as Mayor, The Wall Street Journal reported that we are The #1 Best Suburb of America to Live In. Our people and the unique blessed lifestyle that we enjoy earned us that honor.
-- Our beautiful open spaces, our unparalleled dedication to philanthropy for worthwhile causes, our attractive location in the very heart of the dynamic and vibrant Denver Metro Region and our active engagement in the economic vitality of the region – all of which continue to validate our ranking as The #1 Best Suburb of America to Live In!

Issues of concern during your next term in office:
-- Preservation and enhancement of our lifestyle, our surroundings, our economic health and our open space.
-- Relocation of our Public Works Department facility from the Village Center to the Denver Water Parcel immediately adjacent to the Village off of Quincy pursuant to negotiations I initiated with Denver Water CEO Jim Lochhead and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.
-- Implementation of the Quincy Farm Visioning Committee work.
-- Assessment of the efficacy of our Bulk Plane/Floor Area Ratio Ordinance passed following the Residential Development Standards Committee’s work.
-- Completion of our Public Works Department accreditation.
-- Continued development of KCHV-TV, Channel 22.
-- Continued pursuit of undergrounding utilities throughout the Village.
-- Install traffic control system on Belleview in cooperation with Greenwood Village to allow improved ingress and egress for communities north of Belleview.
-- Continued monitoring of urban wildlife management and fox re-introduction program.
-- Maintenance of the accreditation and excellent service of our Police Department.
-- Maintain continued quality service of South Metro Fire Rescue Authority from our Joint Public Safety Facility.

Reasons for seeking office:
-- To complete the work I have begun during my first term of office as Your Mayor.
-- To continue to champion the City of Cherry Hills Village as The #1 Best Suburb of America to Live In.
-- To continue serving as the elected ambassador of Cherry Hills Village to the Denver Region, the State of Colorado and the nation.
-- To preserve, protect and defend our open space and to enhance and expand open space in the Village.

What do you hope to contribute as a Cherry Hills Village elected official:
-- To be re-elected Mayor of the Village in order to continue to serve our citizens as the most engaged, dedicated and hard-working Mayor that the Village has ever had, broadcasting the message that Cherry Hills Village is the best place in America to live, to raise a family, to retire and to recreate.
-- To listen to and to act upon all the needs and desires of every citizen of the Village.
-- To continue to protect and improve property values in the Village, as I did in having The Wall Street Journal publish a full page story in its Real Estate section last year.
-- To continue the collaboration with CDOT and our neighboring communities in improving our infrastructure so as to alleviate traffic congestion and to enhance the economic vitality of neighboring communities so as to provide goods, services and jobs to our residents.
-- To continue to improve and expand reliable cell phone service throughout the Village so that there are no more “dead spots.”

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