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          Mayors in Colorado are nonpartisan.  Mayor Tisdale IS a nonpartisan mayor.  What exactly does being a “nonpartisan mayor” mean?  It means that they do NOT run on the Republican ticket.  They do NOT run on the Democratic ticket.  It also means they are not obligated to a party, or a special interest group.  And they are not part of a “slate” of candidates.  They are independent.  They are individuals.  They work with everybody, no matter what party those other people may be.

           That is to the advantage of every single constituent, because it translates into getting things done!  Mayor Doug Tisdale is an exemplary model of getting things done for the people he represents, regardless of their political affiliation!

           Mayor Tisdale works diligently and constantly with the people pictured above: Bob Beauprez, Jill Repella, John Hickenlooper…and countless others!  He meets with them as well as people like Diana DeGette, Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner, Ed Perlmutter and many other elected leaders and candidates throughout the great State of Colorado.  He understands that that’s the way to be effective and get things done for your community.  It is also how you make sure that other communities or governmental agencies do not inadvertently cause harm to your own community.

           Also pictured above is Jamie Angelich, truly the “Angel” of philanthropic causes in Colorado.  Jamie, an effective collaborator herself, knows the benefits of “reaching out” and making things happen.  She has raised countless dollars for great organizations that work to make our quality of life the very best possible.  Jamie and Mayor Doug have collaborated in many charitable causes and intend to continue, for the benefit of everyone, regardless of their political affiliation.

           Mayor Doug Tisdale IS nonpartisan.  He likes it that way … and he thinks that Villagers like it that way too!

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