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            Mayor Tisdale loves kids.  He always has.  It’s not a campaign ploy.  It’s a way of life.

             A few weeks after being elected as Mayor, Doug received a call: there had been a gas leak during the construction of the new Joint Public Safety Facility, across the street from Cherry Hills Village Elementary School.  He left a meeting of the Denver Metro Mayors Caucus and dashed down to the Village.  At the school, Mayor Tisdale met with Principal Molly Drvenkar and Cherry Creek School District Superintendent Mary Chesley.  As a safety precaution, it was decided that the school was to be evacuated.

             Problem: how to evacuate hundreds of frightened students without creating an even bigger problem.

             Answer: have the reassuring and entertaining Mayor Tisdale lead the loading of the buses.

             Drawing on his enthusiastic personality, boundless energy, parenting experience and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of the Mayor’s newly-printed business cards, Mayor Tisdale cheered, entertained, reassured and joked with the students.  He passed out even more hugs than cards.  The children loved it!  The buses were safely loaded.  The children were quickly transported.  And, most importantly, all were safe and happy!  Superintendent Chesley said to the Mayor later, “When you started, I wasn't sure this was a good thing, but you made it work…and work well.  Thank you, Mr. Mayor!”

             Since then Mayor Tisdale has appeared at CHVE regularly—judging the Science Fair each year, speaking to the PTCO, helping the kids build bikes for students at disadvantaged schools, engaging in flash mobs and honk-and-waves.  And, he welcomed CHVE students at the completed Joint Public Safety Facility.  (The gas leak was not dangerous and was quickly fixed.)

             The occasion for the JPSF visit was the dedication of the signature piece of art gracing the foyer of the building.  The art, created by renowned artist and Villager Duke Beardsley, was gifted to the Village by his daughters.  It celebrates the equestrian heritage of the Village, depicting seven horses on the High Line Canal with a Cherry Hills red sky in the background.  The Mayor proclaimed the day of the dedication as “Duke Beardsley Day.”  Duke’s daughters and their classmates joined Duke and the Mayor for the festivities (picture above).  Many of them remembered the Mayor from the Day of the Evacuation.  Some were disappointed that they had lost the Mayor’s card handed out that day.  No worries: Mayor Tisdale gave them each a new one!

             Mayor Tisdale loves kids.  He always has.  It’s not a campaign ploy.  It’s a way of life.

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