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     When Ryan Dunne was in 3rd Grade at Cherry Hills Village Elementary School, his situation achieved national attention.  Ryan has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a terminal disease that leads to wheelchair confinement, loss of lung and heart functions and ultimately a premature death.  He was part of an experimental study for a new medication that for the first time stopped the progression of DMD.  All of the boys treated with this medication showed improvement without any harmful side effects.

     But, the study ended, and unfortunately so did the treatment that Ryan was receiving.

     Ryan’s parents, Jennifer McCullouch Dunne and Chris Dunne, began a petition drive requesting that the White House instruct the FDA to grant the drug an accelerated approval pathway.  An FDA decision could determine whether these children would be part of the last generation to die from Duchenne, or among the first generation to live.

     They needed 100,000 signatures on a petition – an enormous task.  And, they needed the help of a committed Mayor.  Mayor Tisdale not only showed up, he got the job done!

     Mayor Doug Tisdale was contacted by the Dunne Family and others at Cherry Hills Village Elementary to assist in obtaining the 100,000 critical signatures.  Mayor Tisdale appeared at the “Flash Mob” at CHVE and spurred the assembled crowd into action (photo above), declaring Ryan Dunne Day in Cherry Hills to the delight of all present.  Mayor Tisdale used his social media marketing skills and enthusiasm to spur on the public, resulting in achieving the goal.  Within ten days 30,000 signatures turned into 108,000 signatures on the White House Petition!  The resulting celebration of a “Thank You” honk and wave event at the corner of University and Quincy was led by Mayor Tisdale when the goal of over 100,000 signatures was reached.  It was a well-deserved ‘thank you’ to all who had cared enough and taken the time to make a difference in Ryan Dunne’s life!

 Mayor Tisdale cares and produces results!

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