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2012 Ballot Issues — ENDORSEMENTS

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE MUNICIPAL ELECTION 2012 BALLOT ISSUE ENDORSEMENTS: VOTE “YES” ON ALL THREE BALLOT ISSUES Voters will decide three ballot issues in the April 3 elections. These issues would effect amendments to the Cherry Hills Village Home Rule Charter. Below is a brief summary of each ballot issue, followed by the rationale for the amendment and my endorsement of a “YES” vote on each. Issue # 1. The first ballot issue would add a new section to our charter. It provides that all parks owned or hereafter acquired by the Village shall be held, protected and maintained in public trust for the use, benefit and enjoyment of the public, and shall not be pledged or conveyed without a majority vote of register voters voting on the question. Council proposed this amendment to protect parks in accordance with the 2008 Master Plan. This amendment would protect areas designated as parks by requiring a majority resident vote before any change in park status or park use could be made. Ballot issue # 1 is an excellent proposal and I encourage all voters to vote “YES” on issue number 1. In fact, it is a shame that we cannot vote “HECK YEAH!” on ballot issue # 1! Issue # 2. The second ballot issue would amend the charter to provide for an emergency ordinance procedure. Any ordinance necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health or safety would require only one reading and would not require a public hearing or publication before final passage. An emergency ordinance shall not be in effect longer than 90 days after adoption, unless the Council shall reaffirm the same by readoption of the emergency ordinance on second reading and publication (the same procedure as required for a regular ordinance) within the that 90 day period. Council has proposed this as a prudent step for a plan to be in place should an emergency arise that needs to be addressed immediately. Ballot Issue # 2 is an appropriate device to allow the council to deal with emergencies and provides for a suitably limited duration. I encourage all voters to vote “YES” on ballot issue # 2. Issue # 3. The third ballot issue would change our municipal elections from April of even numbered years to November of even numbered years, with newly elected members of council to assume their duties in January following the regular city election. Moving elections from April to November would allow the election is to be coordinated with Arapahoe County, with a resulting higher voter turnout. In addition, the Village would save about $4000 by using a November election, rather than running a separate April election. Ballot issue # 3 is a reasonable and appropriate step to increase voter turnout and to save costs. I encourage everyone to vote “YES” on ballot issue # 3.

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